Why Islamophobia is Irrational

  Muslim, a word that has somehow become synonymous with terrorists by virtue of intentionally hostile media coverage and right wing political figures disseminating a culture of fear and hatred. 55% of Americans surveyed in a YouGov poll admitted to harbouring an unfavourable opinion of Muslims while in the UK, Islmaophobic hate crimes rose by … Continue reading Why Islamophobia is Irrational


All Lives Matter (Except Black Lives)

The BLM movement was triggered by the verdict of a judge who acquitted George Zimmerman of murdering Trayvon Martin in summer of 2013. Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi, three women among the huge numbers of outraged citizens, reacted by circulating #BlackLivesMatter on social media. Suddenly the ignorant, post –racism, egalitarian façade that America … Continue reading All Lives Matter (Except Black Lives)