From Panama to Paradise

First came Panama Papers and now we have the follow-up Paradise papers; the world's second-biggest data leak. How much more will need to be released before something is done to dismantle tax havens?


What’s That Coming Over the Hill? It’s Most Definitely A Monster

The now infamous party were previously lurking in the shadows and were an entirely unbeknownst evil to the British public. Their repressive regime was confined to Northern Ireland until recently when Theresa May reached a settlement with Arlene Foster in a pathetic attempt to keep two struggling governments in power. Foster returned to Ireland with … Continue reading What’s That Coming Over the Hill? It’s Most Definitely A Monster

Dear Parliament

Dear parliament,   It’s time we acknowledge the issues that have arisen Grown from greed making dishonest men of our politicians Businessmen afflicted by arrogance who stand proud But resort to bestiality to be part of a  crowd. Politics is a blame game of who can shout the loudest This job description isn’t for the […]

Brexit: The Results

To say I am thoroughly disappointed and shocked with the outcome of the referendum would be quite the understatement. Cameron’s resignation was no great surprise to me. Although he resolutely maintained that Britain should remain (while failing to make substantial progress during negotiations with the EU or overlooking the issues that influenced Leave supporters), he … Continue reading Brexit: The Results