Dear Parliament

Dear parliament,


It’s time we acknowledge the issues that have arisen

Grown from greed making dishonest men of our politicians

Businessmen afflicted by arrogance who stand proud

But resort to bestiality to be part of a  crowd.

Politics is a blame game of who can shout the loudest

This job description isn’t for the focused or the modest

You only appeal to people, whom you expect to vote,

Full of broken promises that hurt us the most.

We’re represented by people who don’t care about us,

Democracy’s at risk and we’ve lost faith in the process.


Raised in luxury, no restricted spending,

What would you know about what we’re facing?

18 to 24 year olds is the age group you shun,

Isn’t the average age for an MP fifty-one?

The ballot box is no longer a form of expression,

In Westminster there’s too much emphasis on tradition.

Policies that don’t favour us like rising tuition fees,

So many scandals and no employment opportunities.


See, you’re definition of politics is far too narrow,

To you, our means of political expression are shallow;

Demonstrations, boycotts, social media volunteering,

Yes that’s free labour; you must think that I’m dreaming.

You think we’ll be wooed by your meaningless speeches,

Manifestos that vaguely promise to fix all these glitches.

We’ve had America’s poodle and Dodgy Dave,

The Bloody Difficult Woman might be the next stage.

Hey Theresa I’ve got a concerning question for you;

If you don’t get our votes, will you deport us too?


You love to tell us that our generation is apathetic,

I think a more accurate adjective would be sceptics

We’re Leftists with liberal morals, freedom for all

Yes, including immigrants, I bet that makes your skin crawl.

The voting experience has changed since your day,

We’re greeted by bored faces in dusty hallways

Hey Grandad, guess what? I went and voted today

“But what do you know about the world” he usually says,

“Yong people live life with their eyes glued to a screen”

Sadly this discouraging attitude is fairly routine,

But if we don’t vote then similar criticisms will ensue

It sounds to me as if we’re stuck in a catch-22.


Politics has become synonymous with lying,

Institutional education should start clarifying,

How we can use formal processes to make our voices heard

Classes that teach us to start a movement with our words.

Most of us, we don’t really know what we’re doing,

Trying to understand a world that politics has ruined.

We’re only ever asked to choose the best of a bad lot,

Maybe that ballot paper should say none of the above


But to the rest of us, we really need get ourselves moving,

We must realise that changes only come through voting.

Not participating is a privilege that is taken for granted,

Maybe it’s one that should be more severely reprimanded.

Not knowing the parties isn’t a feasible excuse.

If this is the reason, maybe VAA apps could be of use?

Voting is our responsibility despite our distrust,

Most importantly the people who shape our future should be us.




Audio Reading available here:


Photograph by Maurice available here:




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