Why Islamophobia is Irrational


Muslim, a word that has somehow become synonymous with terrorists by virtue of intentionally hostile media coverage and right wing political figures disseminating a culture of fear and hatred. 55% of Americans surveyed in a YouGov poll admitted to harbouring an unfavourable opinion of Muslims while in the UK, Islmaophobic hate crimes rose by 70% in 2015. Why is this happening?


Source: The Guardian


To condemn an entire religion that radicals grossly misrepresent, without even enlightening oneself on the essence of Islam is absurd, particularly following the revelation that the West funded some of these terrorist groups. ISIS, Al Qaida, Jihadists are extremists who misquote the Qur’an and exploit it for their own benefit and now, people have taken it upon themselves to attack vulnerable, innocent people who are entirely unconnected and who similarly denounce their heinous deeds. The Qur’an does not preach the oppression/mistreatment of women or senseless violence; it preaches modesty and kindness for both genders and war only in the name of self-defence. The strictness of the practice of Islam and Sharia laws depends on location and each location conforms to certain cultural rules and perhaps this may result in inequality as an element of that culture but not of Islam itself. As a public that have grown wearier of politics and media, why are we now relying their words of enmity?

To claim that all Muslims hold the same ideals as ISIS will only disclose to those around of your sciolism. Terrorist attacks happening here in the West are more frequently and more violently occurring in Syria where strict regimes have sanctioned militants to rape women, mutilate and murder children and more. Syrian Muslims are suffering o an equivocal scale except on a daily basis. And what does half of the world do? Pity them through a TV screens but reject the very notion of receiving them into their country and providing safety and protection. If the tables were turned, countries like the U.K and U.S would be infuriated if they were not provided with sanctuary. Claiming that accepting refugees is risky due to terrorist threats is an unforgivable excuse. What if other countries rejected American or British citizens because they enslaved, raped and pillaged half of the world, their history steeped in blood and violence? What about the atrocities committed in the name of Christianity like the Inquisitions, the Witch Trials, the acts of the KKK, the genocide of Native Americans, the attitudes of the Confederate States that don’t fairly reflect the beliefs of Christians worldwide? The least the West can do is open its borders given its role in the rise of ISIS. The least the world can do is open their eyes to the bigotry and discrimination they force upon minority communities because the big brave West is always afraid of what they don’t know about and is always in want of someone to blame.



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