Trump or Adolf Jr.?

Familiar with those orange Oompa Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Well on November the 8th 2016, one of them became the President of the United States. Despite all the slating and backlash he faced, Donald Trump managed to triumph in the elections this year by winning the majority of the swing states and gaining popularity through nationalism and the culture of fear. Trump, or rather his campaign team, were incredibly shrewd, directing more and more attention to the orange oaf so that every day he was the main topic of discussion in relation to the elections. Despite his inability to speak intellectually compared to more articulate preceding presidents, his patriotic speeches brought him the votes of the patriotic people. I believe that this election result rode off the back of Brexit, a new interest and dedication to ‘anti-establishment’ politics, a protest against political norms. Trump, however, is the furthest figure from this however as he is the epitome of capitalism, only interested in maximising profits and the bourgeoisie of today, meaning the working class and the less affluent will suffer further. In addition to this, Congress now fully consists of only Republicans and vacancies in the Supreme Court will allow Trump to appoint extreme right-wingers and supporters of his views even though the judiciary should be entirely independent; it’s all very frightening.

Trump’s election shook the world to the core, not least because Clinton, the most qualified candidate for this job, even more so than Obama, lost. Clinton is not a saint but has been within the field of politics for years and has maintained a strong and respected position. Her campaign presented realistic solutions to America’s growing issues that wast just talk. Clinton’s loss was heartbreaking especially because it was to someone like Trump who has no experience in politics, foreign policy, political negotiations nor has he attended any political formal meetings. Trump hails from a business and real estate background (although his business ventures have caused him to file for bankruptcy four times) and is not cut out for the political world. He is an embarrassment to America and will further humiliate himself when meeting other prominent figures from around the world, particularly due to his lack of political knowledge. He has no sophistication, no tact and no eloquence. Most of all, he propagates bigotry and makes empty promises to garner votes.

Let’s take a look at what he’s said he’d do to make America great again:


Deport Illegal Immigrants

Trump has previously made claims that he would deport 11 million illegal immigrants regardless of protests that this would have monumental costs and tear families apart who have had children born in the USA who’s birthright citizenship Trump threatened to revoke. (even though his wife is, ironically, an immigrant). However, he is now backtracking on his word (surprised?), instead proposing a more humane method of dealing with this issue. He also plans to prioritise job vacancies so that they will first be offered to American workers, which means that the chances for immigrants to establish a stable life are hugely reduced despite being better suited for the job. He also wants to pause the issuing of green cards.


Create a Muslim Database

Anyone else reminded of Hitler? This authoritarian claim means that Muslims must be registered and tracked even if they don’t have a previous criminal record. Oh and then he made it worse by saying he wanted to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country in the first place.


Trump has used the example of Paris to support his argument that refugees are merely Trojan horses used as a cover to enter America and start terrorising it. Therefore he has promised to halt the intake of refugees and deport those that have already settled in the country.

Build a Wall

Subsequent to accusing Mexican immigrants of being rapists, he aims to build a wall along the border of Mexico and lamented about the crimes committed by Mexicans to justify this initiative.His bias against non-Americans is deep-rooted, even accusing Federal district court judge Gonzalo Curiel as unqualified to preside over a case against Trump University due to his Mexican heritage. He also proceeded to falsely accuse Clinton of wanting an open border and stated that “The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems.”


Lets not forget the several claims made by women that Trump had sexually assaulted them and his only defence was that some were too ugly for him to even approach so clearly they’re lying. He constantly inappropriately attacks women on Twitter, journalists, singers, you name it, especially if they disapprove of him and goes so far as to make innuendos about his own daughter. Scroll through his track record of sexist insults here. Several complaints have also been aimed at him about how he ran the miss universe pageant, especially by humiliated contestants.


Sure he wants to cut taxes but not solely for lower income American families, for middle-class families too. He also intends to cut corporate tax to a mere 15% to urge businesses to remain in America and reducing the number of tax brackets from seven to four. This tax plan is mostly directed at America’s richest, who will be making huge savings while the working class will still suffer in the long run.

The Environment

Trump believes that the current climate crisis is, in fact, a hoax and the regulations already in place for businesses to run operations in a more environmentally friendly manner only imperil companies in the global marketplace. This means he could scrap important laws that protect the environment as well as the Environmental Protection Agency. He wants to withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Accords and could potentially cut funding for renewable energy generation and

Foreign Policy

Trump wants to renegotiate military costs of U.S bases abroad as well as trade agreements in which he will place high tariffs on products imported from companies that manufacture products outside for America. Let’s also take a look at Russia; Trump questions why relations between the U.S.A and Russia are rocky and aspires to befriend Putin, so much so that he doesn’t class Russia as a threat that needs to be dealt with as it is notably absent from his defense priorities memo despite the Pentagon classing Russia as America’s biggest threat. He places any responsibility to protect Ukraine from Russia on Germany and other neighbouring countries.

And Trump’s plans to deal with ISIS? Bomb Syria and reintroduce waterboarding, a form of torture into interrogation methods regardless of its classification as a war crime.

Of course, this isn’t the extent of his views however it’s enough to prove that Trump is the least suitable person to elect as the President of one of the most powerful countries in the world. Obama warned against him and he’s lost multiple business deals following racist sweeping statements, isn’t that indicative of the ominous times he would incur?


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