MAY the Odds be Against You

Subsequent to Andrea Leadsom withdrawing from the race, Theresa May has now secured her place as Britain’s new Prime Minister and will officially adopt the role on Wednesday. It seems that people aren’t too concerned and some are even breathing a sigh of relief as Ken Clarke declares her a “bloody difficult women” and the public conclude she will drive a hard bargain at the EU negotiations. I am frustrated that I was not given the chance to choose my own Prime Minister simply because May rejected the proposal of an early election and I cannot agree with May’s policies, as I don’t think they are progressive or humane. She is determined to attain power and discrimination is the underlying element of her campaign, only managing to conceal her opinions by retracting her statements such as her desire to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights regardless of the verdict of the Brexit vote or her sudden support for gay marriage despite previously being in favour of section 28 as well as gay adoption. Don’t get me wrong, May isn’t the first politician to adopt this strategy but I would like a little more stability and honest liberalism than that.

Her years as home secretary are only a reminder of what she is, despite changes to her policies in order to gather more votes. Her initiative to tackle illegal immigration consisted of commissioning vans labelled ‘Go home or face arrest’ to drive around the UK, she caused acute embarrassment to the home office when tens and thousands of students were detained and deported based on hearsay evidence provided in a BBC documentary which proved insubstantial and insignificant and the minimum income is at £18,600 for those who want to bring a spouse from outside the EU into the UK, a number she wanted to raise again, resulting in families being torn apart.

She voted against raising the tax for those earning above £150,000 and voted against taxing those receiving bankers bonuses or mansion tax. May pays no heed to those who suffer from her policies, a thorough authoritarian. Her views have affected young people significantly too; She voted to raise the tuition fee cap to £9000 and she froze the minimum wage that graduates must earn to start paying back their student loans despite increasing inflation. May makes decisions at the expense of anybody and although this means she’s willing to take on male-dominated power institutions like the police or the fire services, she’s inhumanly callous and unforgiving.


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