To keep it short, I’m a university student born in Sri Lanka, raised in Ireland and currently living in England. I am a writing enthusiast and my opinion is a prominent feature of my work, which is why I chose blogging as a platform to express myself. My interest in writing began with reading; I love to escape into the smooth pages and cherished stories and as I grew older creative writing turned into journalism as my interests developed.

My field of study is media and communications which is why I have a keen interest in politics and current affairs. I adore travelling, immersing myself in new cultures and exploring. Creating a travel blog is a dream of mine, which I will put on hold until I’m no longer an impoverished student! I am also keen on working with animals or animal NGOs, another childhood passion.

I’m always seeking to improve myself both as a writer, blogger and person so I would appreciate any feedback or discussions! I’m also a first time blogger so if there’s any changes you think I should make then let me know on my contact page.

Thanks for reading!

Photo credits go to Joshua A.S Hill